Sermon ❯

Pastor Ron Sunday Service September 24

Primary Text: Psalm 100 Supporting Text: Neh. 8:9-10; Ps. 22:3; Jn. 7:37-38; Jn. 4:10-14; Ep. 5:1-20

The hundredth psalm has for its title, “A Psalm of praise,” or “of thanksgiving,” and to this description it well answers. There is not a single mournful note in the composition. God is praised from the beginning to the end, and all the earth is called upon to join in blessing and thanking him. I.

THE HOLY DUTY TO WHICH WE ARE SUMMONED. 1. Our hearts are to be full of thanksgiving. It is no mere outside worship which is told of here, but such as wells up from the deepest fountains of a grateful and glad heart. 2. We are to openly avow that thankfulness. It is not, though beginning in the heart, to stay there. Openly, loudly, joyfully, we are to let all men know our delight in God. 3. We are to join with others in this service of praise. There is to be no standing aloof or pleading that we can worship God as well at home. We are to go with the multitude to keep holy day. 4. And it is to be all unto the Lord. Choirs and congregations alike are to remember this.

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