Sermon ❯

Pastor Ron Sunday Service September 17

Primary Text: Joshua 5:13 – 6:2 Supporting Text: Mk. 9:23; Ph. 4:13; Jn. 15:5; Ro. 8:37; Lu. 11:5-13

Above, we have said that this confronting of Jericho “straitly shut up” was a challenge to faith, and that God acts “according to” our faith. But faith must ever have a foundation to rest upon, and here one was afforded the same. That word “See, I have given unto thine hand Jericho,” was instructive and emphatic. “See” was a definite call to view things with the eye of the spirit rather than that of the body: contemplate this obstacle by faith and not by carnal reason. Just as at the Red Sea the word was, “Stand still, and see the salvation of the Lord, which He will show you today … the Lord shall fight for you” (Ex. 14:13, 14). Yet they saw not that “salvation” or deliverance outwardly until they had, in faith and obedience, complied with the Divine order, “speak unto the children of Israel that they go forward” (v. 15). They were required to “see” God’s promised deliverance by faith before it was accomplished unto outward sight! When they came to the Jordan River, until the priests bearing the Ark of the Covenant stepped into the water did God begin to part the waters. Until by faith, they took God at His word did things begin to happen. It was the same thing here: “See, I have given into hand,” God is for you – and God is in the promise-keeping, prayer-answering, miracle-performing, and dream-fulfilling business. That is who He is.

That is what He does. And the more desperate we are for divine involvement, when we come to him with Shameless Persistence… praying bold prayers… the better, because God gets more glory. That’s what Jesus told his disciples… ask and He’ll answer, not just because of your asking, but because it reveals who He really is… the God of the Impossible… God who answers prayer… the God who Can. God is for you Your belief about this determines how you pray. If you don’t believe that, then praying small timid prayers. But, if you believe God is for you, then you’ll pray big audacious prayers as Jesus described.

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