Sermon ❯

Pastor Ron Sunday Service November 26

Primary Text: 1 Corinthians 3:9-17 Supporting Text: Romans 8:5-8

Here the apostle informs us what foundation he had laid at the bottom of all his labours among them – even Jesus Christ, the chief corner-stone, Eph 2:20. Upon this foundation all the faithful ministers of Christ build. Upon this rock all the Christians found their hopes. Those that build their hopes of heaven on any other foundation build upon the sand. Other foundation can no man lay besides what is laid – even Jesus Christ. Note, The doctrine of our Savior and his mediation is the principal doctrine of Christianity. It lies at the bottom, and is the foundation, of all the rest. Leave out this, and you lay waste all our comforts, and leave no foundation for our hopes as sinners. It is in Christ only that God is reconciling a sinful world to himself, 2Co 5:19. But of those that hold the foundation, and embrace the general doctrine of Christ’s being the mediator between God and man, there are two sorts: – I. Some build upon this foundation gold, silver, and precious stones (1Co 3:12), namely, those who receive and propagate the pure truths of the gospel, who hold nothing but the truth as it is in Jesus, and preach nothing else. This is building well upon a good foundation, making all of apiece, when ministers not only depend upon Christ as the great prophet of the church, and take him for their guide and infallible teacher, but receive and spread the doctrines he taught, in their purity, without any corrupt mixtures, without adding or diminishing. II. Others build wood, hay, and stubble, on this foundation; that is, though they adhere to the foundation, they depart from the mind of Christ in many particulars, substitute their own fancies and inventions in the room of his doctrines and institutions, and build upon the good foundation what will not abide the test when the day of trial shall come, and the fire must make it manifest, as wood, hay, and stubble, will not bear the trial by fire, but must be consumed in it. There is a time coming when a discovery will be made of what men have built on this foundation: Every man’s work shall be made manifest, shall be laid open to view, to his own view and that of others. Some may, in the simplicity of their hearts, build wood and stubble on the good foundation, and know not, all the while, what they have been doing; but in the day of the Lord their own conduct shall appear to them in its proper light. Every man’s work shall be made manifest to himself, and made manifest to others, both those that have been misled by him and those that have escaped his errors. Now we may be mistaken in ourselves and others; but there is a day coming that will cure all our mistakes, and show us ourselves, and show us our actions in the true light, without covering or disguise: For the day shall declare it (that is, every man’s work), because it shall be revealed by fire; and the fire shall try every man’s work, of what sort it is, 1Co 3:13. The day shall declare and make it manifest, the last day, the great day of trial.

Conclusion 1. What are you building on your life? We talk about building others – but what about your job site? What are you exposed to – what’s getting glommed on to your life? If it’s stuff you know isn’t healthy then you’re building with wood, hay, and straw – kindling for later on. Instead, are you experiencing good stuff? Of course its good to read the Bible, pray, worship, fellowship with other believers – but its also good to build into yourself the thinking and ideas of other Christians who help us draw closer to Him – C.S. Lewis, Eugene Peterson and many others. 2. What kind of construction worker are you? It’s good to think about – are you “just putting in your time” as a Christian – or are you “trying to see what you can get out of it” as a worker? Let’s be “heroic workers” like Paul – an “expert builder” who loved to see people grow in Christ.

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