Sermon ❯

Pastor Ron Sunday Service February 4

Primary Text: Ephesians 1:15-23; 3:14-21

Paul’s prayer for the Ephesians reflects God’s highest desire for every believer in Christ. He prays that the Spirit might work in them in greater measure. The reason for this increased measure of the Spirit’s impartation is that believers may receive more wisdom, revelation, and knowledge concerning God’s redemptive purposes for present and future salvation, and experience a more abundant “power” of the Holy Spirit in their lives.

In order for the believer to advance in grace, achieve victory over Satan and sin, witness effectively for Christ, and gain final salvation, he must ever have God’s power moving toward him. This power is a manifestation and strength of the Holy Spirit working within the faithful believer. It is the same power and Spirit that raised Christ from the dead and seated Him at God’s right hand.

To have the “inner man” strengthened by the Spirit is to have our feelings, thoughts and purposes placed more and more under His influence and direction so that the Spirit can manifest His power through us in a greater measure.

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