Sermon ❯

Pastor Ron Sunday Service August 27

Go Forward Primary Text: Exodus 14:10-15 Supporting Text: Lu. 13:24; 1 Co. 9:25; Ph. 1:27; 1 Co. 9:24

The children of Israel have just been delivered from the strong, oppressive hand of Pharaoh. God’s mighty deliverance has brought them out of Egypt the land of slavery and oppression. They had started their journey with high hopes and expectations toward the land of promise. But they have marched only a few days and suddenly seem to be stopped in their journey. The Bible records they have been encamped by the sea. Before them is the great Red Sea, on either side of them is a mountain, and behind them are Pharaoh and his army closing in fast. On the surface, it seems they are hopelessly trapped. For all practical purposes, there was no way out. But in the midst of chaos and confusion, the people come to Moses and begin to cry out to him, and as they cry to him Moses goes to God and he says God, what do you want me to do? They are getting ready to stone me, what in the world do you want me to do?

God tells Moses, there’s not but one thing to do get up and GO FORWARD! I didn’t bring you out to take you back; I didn’t bring you out to leave you now. I didn’t bring you out to camp here, this is not the land I promised you there is so much more. There is nothing to return to; all that is left is GO FORWARD!

But probably the words of verse 15 are the heartbeat of what God would be telling us today GO FORWARD! • The word “forward” carries the idea of advancement and progress. • In the original it means to pull up, especially the tent pegs, and start on a journey. • You have been camped here long enough it’s time to pull up the tent pegs and go forward; • It’s time to move on. • This is what God wants all of our churches to be doing as well as us as individuals.

Some of you have been camped out in the place of • hurt feelings for too long and it’s time to pull up stakes & GO FORWARD! • anger • depression • bitterness • self-pity • laziness, complacency, or in the city of I don’t care long enough • easiness or comfort • satisfaction God is ready to take you on a journey. • depression into a place of joy and happiness. • He is ready to take you out of that place of laziness, complacency or I don’t care and take you to a place of service and power. • He is ready to take you out of that place of easiness and comfort and stretch you and take you places you haven’t been with Him before. • God is ready to take you out of that place of satisfaction and fill you with hunger and thirst for Him like you have never had and lead you into a greater dimension of His glory than ever before.

You can’t stay in those places camped out if you want to experience the glory and power of God in your life and in the life of this church. If you stay in those places long enough the enemy will destroy you. Now is not the time to get complacent, now is not the time to be satisfied with where we are, • Now is not the time to put our stakes deeper, now is the time to rise up and GO FORWARD! • We are to be constantly moving forward until Jesus comes. • I mean, what in the world are you going to go back for. • There is nothing in the world worth going back for. • Why would you want to go to the left or the right, there is nothing there either. • And why would you want to stay where you are and be destroyed. • There is nothing left to do but GO FORWARD!

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