Sermon ❯

Pastor Ron Sunday Service May 19

Primary Text: John 16:4-15

After our Lord has revealed the hostility of the world which the disciples would face after he left them, the persecution and judgment and death they would be up against.

This passage opens with a manifestation of the need of the Spirit of God. It is revealed to us in the condition of these disciples. Our Lord has indicated to them that there were certain things he did not say to them from the beginning. He did not tell them of the hostility of the world. He did not tell them about the tremendous opposition and persecution they would face. Nor did he tell them how to meet it. And he says why: “I did not say these things to you from the beginning, because I was with you.” There he indicates our need as human beings to be kept and supported and strengthened. He was keeping these disciples himself. Since he was there, they had no need to know all that he was keeping them from, or how it was done. “But now,” he says, “I’m going away. Now you’ll need to understand what has been happening.”

There he reveals to us the basic need of our humanity: to be kept. This is what the Scriptures teach us about ourselves — that we are basically born to be dependent on something or someone else to keep us. We are not able to handle life by ourselves. No one is. The Big Lie, which has been circulated since the fall of man, is that man is independent, that he does not need anything, that he can be self-sufficient. He can run his own life, make his own decisions, and is able to handle everything himself. How widespread that notion is! You see it reflected everywhere — especially among youth, who are confident that they know how to handle life. Nothing is going to trap them, or trick them, or deceive them. They are able to handle whatever comes. How delusive that is! Our Lord indicates here that these disciples had been able to exist only because he was with them and kept them.

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